Annual General Meeting

Held on Monday 16 October 2017

At 7.00pm in the Village Hall, Hailey

 Present:               Ann Gibson, Judith Knaggs, Graham Knaggs, Janet Wyatt, Brenda Perigo, John Gibson,

Margaret Mattingley, Tony Mattingley, Dawn Franklin, Graham Franklin, Julie Clifford, Caryl Lansley, Monica Hester.

 Apologies:          Martyn Clark.

Ann Gibson (in the Chair) welcomed the members of the Gardening Club to the Annual General Meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by the Committee and were circulated.  All Gardening Club documents, accounts and minutes are available for inspection by Members at any time upon request and will be available on the Hailey website.

Chair’s Report

Members were issued with a full report of the year’s activities to date.  A copy is on record with the minutes and will be available to view on the Hailey website.

Ann Gibson reported that the number of Club members remains at over 200 plus an additional 10 members in our new junior “Green Fingers” club.  We are currently discussing with Hailey School how to combine resources and promote junior membership.  We were able to install a replacement bench to the memory of Bill Prately which was dedicated by Rev Neil Traynor.  The Village Show still continues to go from strength to strength with new participants and classes.  Membership numbers are down slightly on previous years, affected by the withdrawal of local discount schemes for gardening club members at local garden centres.  The committee is planning a special event next year to celebrate our 70th anniversary.  We are also investigating creating our own website and introducing a newsletter.

We have once again had a very successful year in large part due to our band of “willing volunteers” who turn up when required to provide extra pairs of hands.  The Committee is extremely grateful to them all.  Additional thanks must go to Pam Simpkins who audits our accounts.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer began his report by thanking the Chair, Ann Gibson, for her leadership of the Committee.  A full set of interim accounts was then presented to the Members.  A copy is attached to the Minutes.  Graham Knaggs reported that the Club’s finances continued to remain healthy but explained that, since the Club’s financial year had not yet ended and more income and expenses were expected from the remaining events, the accounts had not yet been audited.  Subscription income will be reduced this year as a 6 month “holiday” has been included to celebrate our 70th anniversary.  Plant sale income was also down due to competition from other events.  The Garage Sale will now alternate with Open Gardens.

The members present decided to unanimously accept the accounts, subject to audit.

 Approval of Donations for 2017/18

The Club has recommended that the following donations should be made:

  1. Hailey Herald                 £   50
  2. Wood Green Gardening Group                 £ 250
  • Hailey School Gardening Club set-up £ 100
  1. Daffodils for the village                 £   50

Total     £ 450

The recommendations were unanimously approved.

 Re-election of Committee

Having confirmed their availability for re-election, a motion to re-elect the committee en masse was proposed by Tony Mattingley, seconded by John Gibson and was unanimously approved.

The re-elected Committee members are Ann Gibson, Dawn Franklin, Graham Franklin, Martyn Clark, Graham Knaggs and Judith Knaggs.

Election of Officers

Ann Gibson, Graham Knaggs and Judith Knaggs have confirmed that they are available for re-election.

  • A motion to re-elect Graham Knaggs as Treasurer was proposed by Margaret Mattingley, seconded by Dawn Franklin and unanimously approved.
  • A motion to re-elect Judith Knaggs as Secretary was proposed by John Gibson, seconded by Brenda Perigo and unanimously approved.
  • A motion to re-elect Ann Gibson as Chair was proposed by Dawn Franklin, seconded by Monica Hester and unanimously approved.

General Discussion

  • Brenda Perigo proposed a vote of thanks to the committee.
  • Ann suggested that we may open up outings and visits to all members. However all such visits would be without arranging group transport and incurring high costs.  We will advertise future outings more widely.
  • The members would appreciate more talks.
  • The idea of a club social event was also approved.

There being no other items for discussion, the meeting closed at 7.30 pm.


18 October 2017


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