Hailey Burial Ground

Please click here to download the Burial Ground regulations: 

The scale of fees is also included.

Please write to the Parish Clerk should you wish to reserve a burial plot:-

Hailey Parish Council,


Upper End,



or email  clerk@haileywestoxon.org

Hailey Parish Council is following Government guidelines for the use of the Burial Ground during the Covid-19 crisis:

Only members of the deceased person’s household or close family members should attend funerals. Any individual displaying symptoms of Covid 19 should not attend. Those who attend will need to adhere to social distancing at all times, including when travelling to and from the funeral.


  Burial Ground, Church Lane, Hailey  – June 2020

   Recent visitors to  Hailey’s  Burial Ground will be aware of major improvements carried out  by contractors for Hailey Parish Council. This has involved the creation of a paved entrance, a  hard standing for hearses and maintenance vehicles, and the relaying, and widening of the path giving access to the Church and Churchyard.

 The laying on of water, and the provision of rubbish, recycling and green waste bins, have hopefully ensured the fitness for purpose of our Burial Ground for the next 40-50 years, whilst the  work of volunteers to the area awaiting use, by encouraging the growth of wild flowers, should continue to enhance the overall area for the benefit of Parishioners.